Denis Cyplenkov’s Secret Training Revealed!!!

Hello guys, as the match is getting close, fans are excited to see Denis Cyplenkov competing again at the event. Denis Cyplenkov lost his last game against Devon Larratt at East Vs West 10. Now he wants to win this match so hard. Denis is more hungry and angry for the win.

Denis Cyplenkov's Secret Training Revealed
Denis Cyplenkov’s Secret Training Revealed

Although some arm wrestlers think it would be an easy match for Ermes, like Devon said it is a complete mismatch, Ermes will destroy Denis. Some think it will be a close match, as Denis is not a normal arm wrestler, his static strength is good, and he holds his opponent for a long time.

Denis’ team has been uploading Denis’ videos in which he just holds his opponent, basically playing defense because of this fans are getting sad that even after defeat, he is not training offense.

Now today their team has uploaded a video in which Denis is training his attack, and doing serious hard training. Now the confusion is over, Denis is not taking this match lightly and giving his all to this match.

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