Denis Is Near to His Peak Shape

When Denis was asked about his current form, then he answered in some exercises he is close to his peak, but he cannot say whether he is near his peak shape because he stopped doing some exercises which he used to do in the past.

Prime Denis Cyplenkov
Prime Denis Cyplenkov

But he has added some new exercises in his training, especially for the Ermes Gasparini match. Although he knew all these exercises in the past too, just he didn’t train for them. Denis also said that he only trains for 2 days a week, and still his body doesn’t recover completely. So it could be bad news also for Denis’ fans.

But nobody knows exactly what is going on with Denis Cyplenkov, as they promised to hide his secret training. So it might be their strategy to exaggerate things to confuse Ermes.

Although we know Denis has so many issues in his body which are stopping him from his full potential that is why Denis doesn’t do all those exercises that he used to do in his prime days.

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