Ermes Is In Big Trouble!! Denis is Training With Vitaly

Hello, arm wrestling fans, as we know Denis met Vitaly Laletin at the event, and there are some reports that they are training together. If this report is correct, then Ermes might be in big danger, as Vitaly faced Ermes a few months ago, so he knows what weaknesses and strengths Ermes has. So if Denis practices with Vitaly, then it will be helpful for him to know what areas he needs to focus on to defeat Ermes.

denis cyplenkov hand size
Denis Cyplenkov

Vitaly Vs Ermes was a quite good match, the audience wants to see always a close match. They don’t want to see one sided match. Vitaly and Ermes stood up to fans’ expectations.

However, Denis has been training very specific exercises for this match, as he wants to win this match at any cost, because of the last defeat he is more motivated and hungry for the win.

Ermes is one of the strongest arm wrestlers these days, so Denis needs to work hard to give him a tough fight, so he can’t underestimate anything against Ermes. As Ermes is getting stronger every time he comes to the table. So he would be stronger than the time Vitaly faced him. So he needs to take care of everything.

Training with Vitaly will be good for Denis, as Vitaly can tell him the specific things that he needs to work on. Vitaly gave Ermes a close fight, so it was a tough match for Ermes, so if Denis is able to beat Vitaly, then it would be a good sign for Denis.

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