Why Devon Has the Best Chance to Beat Levan At East Vs West 12

Hello, arm wrestling fans, in this article we are going to give you an update related to Devon Larratt.

Devon Larratt is on another level now, He has been improving continuously, and getting better than before.

Devon vs Levan
Devon Larratt

It is the best Devon we have ever seen, and this could be the prime Devon. So Devon of 2022 and current Devon are two different athletes. So this would be the best chance for Devon to beat Levan.

As Levan was injured, although he is fine now, he himself said that his wrist is not hurting anymore, and he has started his training for the match. Levan is not giving any excuse regarding his injury.

Devon has proved so much in one year that he is the number one in the world in the absence of Levan, and if Devon beats Levan this time he will officially become the number one right-hand arm wrestler in the world.

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