Artyom Morozov is Getting Back To Shape

Hello arm wrestling fans, how are you doing? In this article, we will share with you updates related to Morozov. As we know Morozov has been out of arm wrestling for a few months because of health issues.

As we know Morozov is going to compete in left hand super match title match against Alex Kurdecha on 20 January 2024. So he has been training hard for this match.

He has posted a photo on Instagram and he is looking massive in the photo.

Morozov is the number one left-handed arm wrestler in the world. Morozov is quite good on the left hand. Alex Kurdecha is looking massive too. On Engin’s podcast, he said he is more than 160 kg. So it’s gonna be an interesting match for Morozov.

Who do you think will win this match, let us know in the comment section.

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