Prime Denis Cyplenkov Vs Prime Levan Saginashvili- Who Will Win?

If you are an arm wrestling fan, then you must have a question Who would win Prime Denis Vs Prime Levan, Keep reading this article to know the full details.

Levan and Denis both are strong-arm wrestlers, Denis was one of the strongest-arm wrestlers, but Denis was out of the game for almost 5 years because of health issues. If we talk about Levan, he is the current strongest arm wrestler who is so dominant on the right hand.

Prime Denis Vs Prime Levan

Denis was so strong during his prime, and he was known not only for strength but also for endurance. He had been so dominant for a decade before he fell sick. He was so dominant on the left hand and was unbeatable on the left hand.

Levan is so dominant on the right hand now. Although he has been out of the arm wrestling for a while because of his wrist injury. Now he has back to training.

So comparing Prime Denis Vs Prime Levan would be difficult, as Levan is still in his prime, but Denis has not achieved his prime, but once Denis gets his previous shape, then we can see who will win this match.

What do you guys think who will win Prime Levan or Prime Denis? Share your thoughts.

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