Devon Vs Pavlo- Left-hand Supermatch At Vegas

Hello guys, The Pavlo vs Devon left-hand match took place today in Vegas, and it was quite an interesting match. Pavlo showed impressive performance in the first round. It was a live stream on Devon’s YouTube channel.

Devon Vs Pavlo- Left-hand Supermatch At Vegas
Devon Vs Pavlo- Left-hand Supermatch At Vegas

Devon Vs Pavlo

As we know Devon always confesses about not training his left arm, and giving good performance on the left hand. Every time he competes on the left hand, he shows an incredible performance than the last one. No one is able to get a single pin against Devon on the left hand.

But today, it was quite a different story, as Pavlo took the first round by pining Devon to the pad. It shocked most of the arm wrestling fans, as even Gerogi was not able to pin Devon on the left at Arm Wars. It shows Pavlo is good on the left hand.

But the match was totally on the Devon side, as Devon was able to get continuous three rounds after losing one round to Pavlo.

So it shows that Pavlo has a bright future on the left arm and Pavlo can give quite a completion to top athletes on the left-hand match.

What do you guys think about Pavlo’s performance at Vegas against Devon Larratt?

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