Travis Bagent: Arm Wrestling Legend

Hey, arm wrestling fans, today we are gonna talk about Travis Bagent’s Arm Wrestling, if you are a a die-hard fan of arm wrestling, then you must heard of Travis Bagent. He was one of the dominant arm wrestlers in the history of arm wrestling.

Travis Bagent
Travis Bagent

Let’s know in depth about Travis Bagent.

Who is Travis Bagent?

Travis Bagent Arm Wrestler
Travis Bagent Arm Wrestler

Travis Bagent is a legend in the world of arm wrestling. He is the father of famous NFL player Tyson Bagent. In his arm wrestling career, Travis has won 28 world championships in over two decades. He was so dominant during his arm wrestling career and was known for his raw strength.

Early Life and Career

Now let’s know more about Travis Bagent’s life.

Travis was born on 10 March 1976. He started his arm wrestling career in 1997 and soon he started getting fame in the arm wrestling world. Travis was so dominant on the left hand, but when he started arm wrestling, he lost to all contenders. Even after all this, he did not lose hope and continued to compete in an arm wrestling tournament and climb the ladders in arm wrestling.

Travis Bagent’s Arm Wrestling Career

Travis has won several arm wrestling titles at national and world level. As per the NFL network reports, he has won 28 world championships in his arm wrestling career over two decades.

Travis Bagent got into arm wrestling because his dad, who served in the Marines in the 1960s and 1970s, introduced him to the sport. Later, his dad opened two clubs in West Virginia, The Big Arm and Billy Jack’s, where they hosted arm wrestling competitions.

Travis believes that spending time at his dad’s clubs helped him become a champion arm wrestler. In 2016, he mentioned in an interview that having the opportunity to practice a lot at the clubs gave him an advantage.

Not many people have access to a place with 10 arm wrestling tables and 400 to 600 competitors every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Travis was determined to beat someone at the clubs and kept trying until he did. One of his strengths was beating opponents who were physically stronger than him, which he thinks is not common for most people in the sport.

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