John Breznk Thinks Denis Has More Chance to Beat Levan Than Devon

Hello guys, how are you doing? In this post, we will tell you about John Breznk’s views on Denis on Engin’s podcast.

John Breznk thinks Denis has more chance to beat Levan than Devon even in his current shape, he thinks Denis is not far from his prime shape.

John thinks what Devon did to Denis, Levan can’t do that to Denis, as Devon has multiple tools when it comes to arm wrestling. So it might be possible if Denis stops Levan, he will pin him.

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During the podcast they also discuss about Denis Vs Ermes’s future match, Engin thinks Ermes has more chance over Denis, while John thinks Denis has more chance to beat Ermes.

Engin also confirms that Denis Vs Ermes can be a possible match in April or May.

Who do you think has more chance to beat Levan Denis or Devon?

Let’s see what happens in East Vs West 12.

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