Travis Bagent Vs Ermes Gasparini Left Hand Match- East Vs West 12

Hello arm wrestling fans, On Engin’s Podcast, Travis talks about his left-hand match with Ermes Gasparini, and he thinks he can beat him.

And when offered a match at East Vs West 12 against Ermes on the left hand, he smiles and without any hesitation, he says he accepts the match.

What do you think can he beat Ermes Gasparini in the left-hand match?

But we know that Travis was at his best in 2018, and was one of the best left-hand arm wrestlers during the time.

If somehow, he gets that shape he can surely beat Ermes Gasparini, but is very unlikely to happen, as Travis is not committed to arm wrestling now. Because of his injury, he stopped arm wrestling.

Even Levan during the Engin’s podcast when asked about the Ermes Vs Travis match, says if somehow he achieves his shape, he can beat him, but that is very unlikely to happen.

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