Engin Talks About Arsen Liliev Return

Hello, arm wrestling fans, if you know Denis Cyplenkov, then you must have heard of Arsen Liliev, this is the guy who beat Denis Cyplenkov. But we know Denis lost to him because he was in a hard match against Andrey Pushkar before facing Arsen.

But when Arsen had a match with Denis again in 2013, Denis dominated him completely which shows that day Denis was tired because of Andrey Pushkar’s match which is why he lost to Liliev.

Now let’s talk about Arsen Liliev’s return, in a recent podcast he discussed with John Breznk and Krasimir Kostadinov that Arsen can return to arm wrestling in April or May, he is not gonna face top guys but he will have to return to match although the opponent is not decided yet.

Engin further said it is so overwhelming that all old arm wrestlers are returning to arm wrestling. It is so good to see them competing again.

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