Is Denis Cyplenkov Still Defensive?

Hello guys, as King of the Table 11 is a few weeks away, and the hype of the Denis Vs Ermes match is getting bigger. Denis was crushed by Devon at East Vs West 10, and since then people have been underestimating him. People are considering Denis as a weak arm wrestler.

Denis Vs Ermes
Denis Vs Ermes

As we all know Ermes is a very explosive arm wrestler who has lot of techniques, he has amazing top roll, press, and strong back pressure. Even he holds the record for the strongest back pressure. So Denis needs to be careful while arm wrestling with him if Denis comes in weak shape gain like Devon Larratt match then he will be surely destroyed by Ermes.

Now the question is why people are underestimating Denis Cyplenkov.

Let’s dive in!

Denis’ team has been uploading videos, and in the videos, Denis is still playing a defensive game. So that is the reason why everyone is not happy with his progress. But nothing can be said, as Denis and his team already said that they are not gonna share his training and sparring session completely.

So this can be their strategy to fool Ermes. If it is true then Denis might be training for an offensive game.

Have a look at Arm Olymp’s recent video.

What do you guys think about this? Is this a strategy or is Denis still weak? Let us know your opinion about this.

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