Devon Larratt Will Not Compete Anymore

Hello arm wrestling fans, how are you doing? In this article, we are going to share with you an update regarding Devon Larratt. As we know Devon Larratt lost to Levan Saginashvili at East Vs West 12 very badly. Although everyone expected it to be a war, but Levan won it one-sidedly.

In round 1, Devon gave hope to everyone, as he stopped Levan for a while, but Levan was able to press him. So after the match when he was asked about facing Levan again, then he clearly said he wouldn’t face Levan anymore. He further said he doesn’t want to compete in the superheavyweight division. Now he will focus on the 105 Kg or 115 kg category.

It shows Devon has no interest in the superheavyweight division, he gave the reason he is getting older, and he doesn’t think now he can compete in this division. It will be good if he competes in the lower-weight division.

What Is Next For Devon Larratt?

He is going to face Davit Dadikyan at East Vs West 13, and it will be a great match, as David is one of the fastest and most explosive arm wrestlers, so it will show how good is David against Devon Larratt. It will be interesting too to watch Devon drop weight and still compete in this category as many said that it will be hard for Devon to drop so much weight and acquire strength.

Let’s see what happens at East Vs West 13.

And it is a fact you can’t underestimate David Dadikyan, as he beat Todd Hutchings, although Todd destroyed Ongarbaev at East Vs West. So David is quite a strong opponent. If Devon doesn’t come in good shape against him, then David will destroy him.

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