Devon Larratt On Denis Cyplenkov

Hello, guys. In this article, we will share what Devon Larratt thinks about Denis Cyplenkov. If you are a Devon Larratt or Denis Cyplenkov fan, then keep reading this article till the end to know the full details.

Devon Larratt on Denis Cyplenkov

Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov are the two big names in the arm wrestling world. Denis is known for incredible strength, while Devon Larratt is known for his techniques. Both are great in their own way. So many things were going on after Denis lost to Devon Larratt.
So Devon clears the misconception and shares his views on Denis.

He even had to do so much hard work to beat him at East vs. West as he had to tire him up during the rounds. Otherwise, he could have a hard time.
Devon said that even top athletes will have difficulty defeating Denis even in this shape.

Denis Is Not the Same Anymore

Denis got sick in 2018, and since then, he has changed completely; he is not the same as he used to be in his peak shape. Now, he is more defensive, and that is why Devon Larratt was able to beat him. If Denis somehowDenis somehow managed to get in his best shape, he could cause trouble to many top-arm wrestlers.

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