Schoolboy Arm Wrestler: Height, Weight, Net Worth, And More

Hello guys, if you are an arm wrestling fan, then you must have heard of Schoolboy Arm Wrestler. The Schoolboy’s real name is Aleksandr Beziazykov. He is one of the popular arm wrestling faces on social media. He is very active on social media.

Aleksandr Beziazykov Wiki Details

Schoolboy Arm Wrestler: Height, Weight, Net Worth, And More
Schoolboy Arm Wrestler: Height, Weight, Net Worth, And More
Weight116 kg
Height195 cm
Biceps Size45 cm
Forearms Size39 cm
Wrist Size21 cm

Who is Schoolboy Arm Wrestler

Schoolboy also known as Aleksandr Beziazykov is an exceptional arm wrestler known for his incredible techniques. Here is an in-depth look into his journey and what sets him apart:

Early Beginnings: Schoolboy began arm wrestling from an early age, honing his skills and refining his style over time.

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Technique: Schoolboy has taken an interesting approach to arm wrestling; his technique emphasizes stabilization while using his body effectively for victories. Schoolboy is known to combine strength, strategy, and precision.

Rise to Prominence: Schoolboy has made significant strides toward prominence since joining arm wrestling at an amateur level in 2001, earning many accolades among arm wrestling enthusiasts. Through notable victories at matches, he’s participated in over time, his matches and profile continue to gain notoriety.

Notable Matches: One of Schoolboy’s most memorable bouts against bodybuilder Larry Wheels stands out, where Schoolboy managed a stunning victory despite their immense size difference, showing just how effective Schoolboy’s arm wrestling strategy really was.

Community Impact: Schoolboy’s success has inspired numerous budding arm wrestlers. His dedication and unique style provide motivational motivation for arm wrestling enthusiasts looking to perfect their techniques and strategies.

Continued Growth: Schoolboy continues his development and competitions across various tournaments in arm wrestling – each wins solidifying his place among its elite competitors and making for an exhilarating journey!

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