Denis Cyplenkov Is Not Feeling Well

Hello, arm wrestling fans, as Denis Vs Ermes is likely to happen at the King of the Table in June, since Denis has shared this with fans, everyone is too excited to see Denis competing again at the arm wrestling table. Denis has already started his training for this match. Although he is not sharing his training and sparring, he has shared about his training.

Denis Is Not Feeling Well

Yesterday a video was uploaded on the Arm Olymp channel, where we see the sparring of the athletes, but we did not see Denis in that sparring. So fans were thinking about what happened to Denis. At the end of the video, Denis shared about health problems. Basically, Denis is not feeling well and is sick. He has a cold, so he took a rest from the training.

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But Denis said that he has been training hard for his upcoming match and said that we have decided we will not show our training and sparring session this time with the audience.

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