You Have Heard Of Denis’s Health Problem, Right? If Not Know What Happened

Denis Cyplenkov is one of the most loved arm wrestlers in the arm wrestling world, not only because of his strength but also because of his calm behavior. Fans like his behavior, he smiles even at his bad times.

Denis was supposed to face Erms Gasparini in the upcoming King of the Table 11, but he had to postpone this match because of health issues.

Now fans have been waiting to see Denis arm wrestling once again, but this match got postponed.

Let’s know the real reason behind this, Arm Olymp uploaded a video on Youtube regarding this, they mentioned Denis was not feeling well during training, and he couldn’t do exercises properly in training. He was feeling pain in the hip joint. Denis was hoping for the best, but things didn’t go as expected.

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That is why he had to postpone this match, Denis also appreciated Ermes and organizers for supporting him in this decision. He also thanks his fans for wishing him better health and understanding him. He appreciates the fans for saying health is first and everything comes later.

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