Denis Cyplenkov wants to compete Even At 50 Like Devon Larratt

Derek Smith’s original opponent Kyle Hutchinson got injured and was replaced by Travis Bagent for a left arm super match. Travis Bagent is known more for his left arm than his right.

Chan Shaw was called out by Ibranim Sagov for a super match. Although Ibranim Sagov is at a higher level than Chan Shaw the match is not confirmed yet.

Zurab Tavbaridze posted a video of him lifting a 105 kg dumbbell with one arm. It is impressive to see him lifting heavy weights.

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The upcoming September 7th Toronto card includes Paavo vs Cody (left arm), Nick Stone vs VTEC (left arm), RVJ vs Alen Ford (left arm), and Ryan SP vs Matarangi Hatam Moris (left arm).

The upcoming May 25th USA Major Armwrestling Championship matches were announced.

Denis Cyplenkov posted a video on Arm Olympchannel about his mindset, potential surgery, and recovery. He has tried many treatments but has not recovered yet. He might postpone the surgery due to many obligations. It may be possible that Denis Cyplenkov might not be able to compete this year or early next year.

Devon Larratt posted a funny photo on social media indicating he is close to 105 kilos and plans to defeat David Samushia (who competes in the 85 kg division). Devon also commented on the upcoming King of the Table 11 main event between Ivan Matyushenko and Artyom Morozov. Devon believes Artyom Morozov is the favorite to win.

Levan Saginashvili and Bob Sapp were seen arm wrestling at an event in Georgia.

It is surprising to see Artyom Morozov competing at the Asian Arm Wrestling Championship, which is supposed to be a Natty event.

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