Levan thoughts on his match Against Devon

Hello, arm Wrestling fans, hope you are doing well. In this article, we are going to share with you about Levan’s response to Devon Vs his match.

During Engin’ podcast when he was asked about his match and the possibility of him winning the match. Engin asked him what if Devon stops you during the match, how will you manage to pin him.

He says I am ready for a long match. I am working on endurance, I am not saying I am sure to pin him in one second in every round, but I am ready for anything.

And even Devon would be 3-6% more stronger than Denis’s match, He has no chance against him, as no one can achieve so much in one year. I will beat him.

Engin asked him about the Ivan Matyushenko Vs Devon Larratt match, and to this he answered Ivan will win this match, as we know Levan admires him a lot and knows Ivan’s ability to hook is incredible.

He was also asked about Travis Bagent Vs Ermes left-hand match, he says if somehow gains his peak shape, he has definite a chance against him, but it’s not going to happen.

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