Denis is Looking Weak

Hello arm wrestling fans, hope you are doing well. In this article we are going to discuss with you regarding Denis current shape.

Denis Vs Ermes is going to happen in June, and fans are so excited to see their favourite arm wrestlers competing.

Since the match fixed, many fans are speculating their views on the match. As Denis is far away from his prime shape, so fans think it is a mismatch, Ermes is going to destroy Denis.

Some thinks Denis will give him a good fight, as Denis perfomed better than Ermes against Devon Larratt.

Denis Current Shape

Arm Olymp channel has been uploading videos on youtube, where we can see Denis, and by seeing him in the video, it can be said he hasn’t gained anything since he faced Devon.

Fsns are thinking, Denis has no chance against Ermes, as Denis is not taking this fight seriously.

Ermes is explosive arm wrestler, and he gave tough fight to Levan at King of the table. So he will surely beat Denis at his current shape.

What do you gus think about this match, will Denis beat Ermes or not?

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