10 Funniest Moments in Devon Larratt’s Arm Wrestling Career

Hey there! Ever heard of Devon Larratt? He’s kind of a big deal in arm wrestling – super strong! But guess what? He’s also really funny! We’re gonna take a look at some of the most laugh-out-loud moments from his arm wrestling career. Get ready for some silliness and surprises!

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Devon Larratt, the “No Limits” champion, is known for his incredible strength and dominance at the arm wrestling table. But did you know he’s also got a funny bone? Here are 10 hilarious moments from his career:

1. The Trash Talk King: Devon is known for his epic trash talk before matches, sometimes leaving opponents speechless (and maybe a little scared).

2. Surprise, Surprise!:
There’s a video of Devon pretending to struggle against a much weaker opponent, then easily crushing him!

3. Unexpected Buddies: Devon once teamed up with another strongman for an arm wrestling challenge on the streets, and the playful banter between them is pure gold.

4. The Great Pretender: Devon loves messing with people. There might be a clip of him pretending to be intimidated by a competitor, only to win in seconds.

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5. When Interviews Go Wrong: Devon’s interviews are legendary for his unexpected jokes and witty replies, leaving reporters surprised and viewers laughing.

6. Costume Contest Champion?: Devon might surprise you with a crazy costume during a weigh-in or entrance.

7. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Who knew the arm wrestling champion had some hidden dance moves? There might be a video of him celebrating a win with some questionable (but hilarious) dance moves.

8. Blooper Reel Worthy: Even the best make mistakes. There could be a clip of Devon accidentally knocking something over or having a funny mishap during a competition.

9. The Friendly Feud: Some rivalries with other arm wrestlers can get pretty playful. Look for videos of Devon and another strongman exchanging funny jabs.

10. Post-Match Shenanigans: Devon loves to celebrate with a good laugh. There might be a clip of him doing a victory speech that’s more comedy routine than anything else.

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