Devon Larratt Demands Drug-Tested Match with RVJ

Devon Larratt, a giant in the world of arm wrestling, has stirred up excitement with a bold challenge to fellow competitor RVJ. In a recent YouTube video, Larratt called out RVJ for a drug-tested super match, sparking speculation and excitement among fans.

In his video, Larratt discussed various aspects of the sport. He acknowledged Levan Saginashvili’s current dominance and predicted that no one would dethrone him anytime soon. Larratt also shared his own plans, including possibly returning to a lighter-weight class and focusing more on arm wrestling projects.

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The highlight of the video was Larratt’s direct challenge to RVJ. Filled with confidence, Larratt expressed his belief that he would win a drug-tested super match. This callout has ignited heated discussions within the arm wrestling community, with many eagerly waiting to see if the match will happen.

Larratt also commented on other significant developments in the sport. He spoke about the potential of strongman Brian Shaw, suggesting it would take Shaw several years to reach the top tier of arm wrestlers.

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He also shared his thoughts on the historical context of the sport, arguing that today’s top competitors would have easily dominated decades ago due to advancements in training methods and sports science.

The arm wrestling world is buzzing with excitement. Upcoming matches like Michael Todd vs. Lars Rakan and Travis Bean vs. Serge Kalinenko promise thrilling action. Fans are also speculating about Larratt’s future competitive plans as he hinted at focusing more on arm wrestling projects.

With the potential super match brewing and several exciting matchups on the horizon, the arm wrestling world is set for an exciting chapter.

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