Devon Thoughts On Denis Not Pulling Ermes

Hello, arm wrestling fans, as we know Denis is not facing Ermes at King of the Table 11 because of his health condition. This news made his fans sad, but at the same time fans are also appreciating his decision as health comes first. Denis is not feeling well and is not ready to pull Ermes, but he also cleared that he wants to face Ermes in the future.

denis cyplenkov health
Denis Cyplenkov Health

On Engin’s podcast on Youtube, Engin asked Devon about Denis not pulling Ermes because of his health condition. What does he think about this, Devon replied it’s a good decision, personally, he wants to see Denis arm wrestling, but not with Ermes and Levan. As people remember Denis as a world champion. It gives Denis pressure, so he just wants to see his arm wrestle no matter who he arm wrestles with.

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Engin also shared Ermes’ views about postponing this match, Ermes said he doesn’t want to face unprepared Denis, he surely wants to arm wrestle with Denis only when he is ready. He will wait for 2-3 months when Denis is ready. But Devon said if Denis gets his replacement done, then this match is not gonna happen soon.

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