Big Match Coming For Vitaly Laletin

Hello guys, how is it going? As we know, East Vs West 11 will happen on 20 January 2024, and big matches will happen at that event. So every arm wrestling fan is waiting for this event. So without further ado let’s know Vitaly’s views on the matches.

Big Match Coming For Vitaly Laletin
Vitaly Laletin

Left Hand Superheavyweight title match for Vitaly Laletin

As we know Alex Kurdecha Vs Artyom Morozov left left-hand super heavy-weight title match is going to happen at East Vs West 11. This is going to be one of the big events at East Vs West 11.

On Engin’s podcast, it was said that the winner of the Alex Kurdecha Vs Artyom Morozov match is going to face Vitaly Laletin. Although the date of this match is not finalized yet, there is a high possibility it can happen at East Vs West 12.

Devon Larratt Vs Vitaly Laletin

On the podcast Engin asked Vitaly about his match with Devon, Engin also said that Devon beat Ermes very easily, and Ermes beat you, so there is a high possibility Devon will beat you if you face him for the right-hand match.

In response to this Vitaly said, it doesn’t make any sense, as Dave Chaffe beat me, and Revaz beat Dave very easily, and I beat Revaz, so anything can happen in the match. So I have the best shot to beat him.

And the answer pretty makes sense Vitaly beat Revaz, so he can give Devon a tough match if they face each other in the future.

Vitaly Laletin Predicts East Vs West 11 Matches

Engin asked Vitaly about the match, he asked him about the Levan Vs Devon match, and to this Vitaly replied, and said Levan is a heavy favorite in this match, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Devon wins the match, but there is more chances that Levan will win this match.

Engin also asked Vitaly about the future match of Ivan vs Devon for both hands, and Vitaly replied Ivan would beat him in both hands.

What do you guys think who is gonna win between Devon Vs Levan? Share your views on all East Vs West 11 matches.

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