Akimbo Challenges Auden Larratt

Hello arm wrestling fans, how are you doing? In this article, we are going to discuss about popular arm wrestler Akimbo. As we know Akimbo is one of the popular arm wrestlers on social media.

Akimbo Challenges Auden Larratt
Akimbo Challenges Auden Larratt

Akimbo keeps uploading videos on his YouTube channel Akimbo_69. After the Auden Vs Whisperer match, Auden is all over the news. As he dominated over the whisperer.

Nobody expected this sort of dominance from Auden Larratt, as most of them were hoping for a war, but Auden completely destroyed Whisperer.

Auden showed his level to all new arm wrestlers, he has a lot of advantages like his dad. He has an incredible height that would be so much a problem for many arm wrestlers.

Akimbo Challenges Auden For A Match

Now Auden Larratt gets an offer from Akimbo for a match, as we cannot underestimate Akimbo too, as he is too strong, he keeps uploading videos on social media. He lifts so heavy weights and does intense workouts. So nothing can be said about both of them.

What do you guys think about this, who has more chances of winning if this match happens in the future?

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