World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw Challenges Arm Wrestler Devon Larratt

Brian Shaw, the four-time World’s Strongest Man, recently teamed up with Devon Larratt, one of the most formidable arm wrestlers in the world, for a fascinating test of grip strength. This meeting of giants was a thrilling spectacle, as both men are legends in their respective fields. Let’s dive into what happened when these powerhouses came together to compare their grip strength.

First, a little background on our two stars. Brian Shaw is known for his incredible feats of strength. Standing at 6’8″ and weighing over 400 pounds, he has won the World’s Strongest Man title multiple times and holds several records in strongman events. His hands are enormous, making him a natural when it comes to grip strength.

On the other hand, Devon Larratt is a retired Canadian Armed Forces soldier and a world-renowned arm wrestler. He has been in the sport for decades and has claimed numerous championships. Larratt’s success in arm wrestling is largely due to his exceptional grip strength and technique, honed over years of intense training.

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When these two met, the atmosphere was electric. The test began with some friendly banter, each admiring the other’s accomplishments. Shaw was curious to see how his grip would measure up against Larratt’s specialized strength.

They started with a simple test: the gripper challenge. This involved squeezing a hand gripper to see who could close it with the most ease. Both men handled the heavy-duty grippers effortlessly, showcasing their raw power.

Next, they moved on to the rolling thunder challenge. This is a common grip strength test where the competitors lift a thick-handled, rotating dumbbell. Shaw, with his massive hands, lifted the weight with surprising ease. Larratt, despite having smaller hands compared to Shaw, showed incredible control and technique, managing to lift a considerable weight as well. It was clear that while Shaw had the advantage in sheer hand size, Larratt’s years of arm wrestling gave him an edge in grip finesse and endurance.

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The two then tried the hub lift, where they had to lift a weight plate by pinching the center hub. This test was particularly interesting because it combines finger strength with overall hand power. Shaw’s powerful grip allowed him to lift the plate with little difficulty. Larratt, using his experience in arm wrestling, managed to lift the plate as well, though it required more effort on his part.

Throughout these tests, the mutual respect between Shaw and Larratt was evident. Shaw praised Larratt’s technique and endurance, while Larratt was in awe of Shaw’s raw power and hand size. It was a friendly competition, but it was clear that both men were pushing their limits.

The conclusion of this grip strength showdown was that both athletes are incredibly strong, but in different ways. Shaw’s strength is more about brute force, thanks to his size and strongman training. Larratt, however, combines strength with technique and endurance, a testament to his arm wrestling background.

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In the end, the real winner was the audience. Watching these two legends test their limits and share their expertise was both entertaining and educational. Brian Shaw and Devon Larratt showed us that strength comes in many forms, and that mutual respect and admiration are the hallmarks of true sportsmanship.

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