10 Thrilling Arm Wrestling Events You Can’t Miss This Year

The age-old test of strength, arm wrestling, has evolved into a competitive sport with passionate fans and world-class athletes. Witness raw power, strategic technique, and the will to win on display at these 10 thrilling arm wrestling events happening in 2024:

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Nemiroff World Cup (Poland, February): This prestigious event brings together the best arm wrestlers from across the globe, battling for individual and national glory.

Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) Deadlift & Armwrestle (USA, April): This unique event combines two displays of strength: deadlifting and arm wrestling. Witness incredible feats of pulling power before the main event of arm wrestling.

KOTT (King of the Table) North American Championships (Dubai, June): This North American showdown features established champions and rising stars in a single-elimination tournament.

Engen Armwrestling Grand Prix (South Africa, June): This grand prix is a major event in the South African arm wrestling scene, attracting top regional competitors.

Zloty Tur Armwrestling Championships (Poland, August): This legendary Polish tournament is known for its intense atmosphere and long history of crowning champions.

Armfight (Europe, Various Locations): This European series features events throughout the year, offering opportunities to see professional arm wrestlers battle it out in different countries.

Pushka Armwrestling Championships (Russia, September): A major force in Eastern European arm wrestling, Pushka showcases elite athletes and fosters up-and-coming talent.

Arm Wars (USA, October): This popular US event features professional arm wrestlers and a variety of weight classes, ensuring an exciting day of competition.

Over The Top (OTT) Arm Wrestling World Championships (Las Vegas, November): This spectacular event, held in the heart of Las Vegas, features high-stakes matches and a chance to see some of the biggest names in arm wrestling.

ArmRAI World Cup (Asia, December): The ArmRAI World Cup is Asia’s premier arm wrestling event, crowning regional champions and showcasing the strength of Asian athletes.

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