Hook Vs Top Roll: Mastering the Techniques of Arm Wrestling

If you are into arm wrestling, then you must know about Hook and Top Roll. these are the two techniques that are highly used in arm wrestling.

In this article, we are gonna talk about Hook vs. top Roll and which one is better. In easy words, hook is an inside game, while if talk about top roll, it’s an outside game. Both are effective but use different methods.

Hook Vs Top Roll
Hook Vs Top Roll

Let’s know more about these two techniques in detail.

The Hook: Power Through Precision

Hook Arm Wrestling
Hook Arm Wrestling

The hook is a powerful move that uses the strength of your entire body, especially your core and back muscles. Think of your hand forming a hook shape, with your fingers and thumb wrapping around your opponent’s hand. This creates a strong grip that lets you push forward and down, using your body weight to pin your opponent’s arm. Success with the hook depends on having the right body position and leverage, turning your raw strength into a winning strategy.

The Top Roll: Finesse with Control

Top Roll Arm Wrestling
Top Roll Arm Wrestling

The top roll is a technique that focuses on skill and control rather than just strength. In this move, hand control and precise arm positioning are crucial. You start by placing your thumb on the back of your opponent’s hand and wrapping your fingers around it. The key is to use a rolling motion to apply pressure, moving your opponent’s arm in a circular path. This weakens their defense and helps you bring their arm down to the pad.

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Choosing Your Technique: Hook vs Top Roll

The best technique for you depends on your own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Hook: If you are very strong and have a powerful build, the hook might be your best choice. It uses your physical power to dominate your opponent.
  • Top Roll: If you prefer a more strategic approach and focus on precision, the top roll could be better. It relies on controlling your opponent’s hand and outsmarting them, which can be effective even against stronger opponents.

Combining Techniques

The best arm wrestlers know both the hook and the top roll. Being skilled in both gives you more options and helps you adapt to different opponents. Using the hook can help you overpower weaker opponents, while the top roll can help you outmaneuver stronger ones. Being able to switch between these techniques during a match keeps your opponent guessing and gives you an advantage.

The Road to Mastery

Understanding the hook and the top role is important, but true mastery comes from practice. Focused training sessions that improve your technique, hand strength, and finger control are essential. Practicing against a partner helps you get better under real conditions and develop the ability to think strategically during a match.


The hook and the top roll are essential techniques in arm wrestling, each offering a unique way to win. Learning these techniques, knowing your own strengths, and practicing hard are the keys to becoming a great arm wrestler. Dive into the world of arm wrestling, train seriously, and find out which technique will be your signature move on the path to success.

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