Shocking Truth Revealed: Why Larry Wheels QUIT Arm Wrestling – Is Brian Shaw Next??

Has Larry Wheels quit arm wrestling for good? Are we about to see the same from Brian Shaw? Hello, arm wrestling fans. In today’s article, we will discuss Levan Saginashvili’s Japan tour, Larry Wheels’ announcement that he won’t be pursuing competitive sports at the highest level anymore, including arm wrestling, Brian Shaw and Deon L possibly collaborating for their final video, and Devon Larratt featuring on the Blacktip YouTube channel once again, promising another viral hit. Let’s dive in.

Levan’s Japan tour has concluded, and he’s back in Georgia. We saw Levan practicing on the table with some famous names.

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Fans loved the video posted on the YouTube channel of the current 55 kg Women’s Champion, where she sparred with Levan. She’s set to compete soon at East versus West for the world title. Check out her channel.

Levan also trained with Toshiyuki Shishido, who recently competed at Knuckles Up and won his super match. Unfortunately, there was no session with the legendary Yoshinobu Kanai, which many fans were hoping to see.

However, Yoshinobu did spar with Leon’s friend Constantine Janashia, completely dominating him. Leon seemed amused, despite potential language barriers.

Larry Wheels uploaded a video titled “I Relapsed,” focusing on his business plans, future with his wife, and his powerlifting and bodybuilding careers.

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He briefly mentioned arm wrestling, expressing a shift away from pursuing it professionally due to increasing competitiveness and insufficient rewards. Larry switched from arm wrestling to bodybuilding to gain more visibility and grow his brand, a move that concerns arm wrestling fans.

Brian Shaw, known for dominating strongman competitions, faces uncertainties entering arm wrestling. Despite his strength, transitioning to arm wrestling isn’t straightforward, as evidenced by potential difficulties and motivational challenges from early losses.

Meanwhile, Devon Larratt continues to make waves on YouTube, especially with his collaborations on the Blacktip channel, drawing millions of views.

In summary, Larry Wheels and potentially Brian Shaw are stepping away from high-level arm wrestling pursuits, citing competitive pressures and other priorities. Devon L’s collaborations continue to garner attention, showcasing the sport to broader audiences.

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